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“I don't normally enjoy gourmet burger places. None so far have lived up to the pricetag. But this was probably the best burger I've ever had. Great attention to detail - everything from bun to the seating to the staff was excellent. And did I mention the burger itself.... mmmmm. Well done guys, rare, true class!”

“I had been looking forward to trying these as soon as construction of the building began. "The Burger Lounge" promised so much. Once opened, it was full of young, trendy types whenever I passed, and the fitout of the shop is very glitzy.

I've now been three times, and can confirm these are the best burgers I've tasted. The ingredients are all good quality, and the combinations go well together. A great burger starts with a good patty, and theirs is generously thick, nicely grilled, and most importantly has a meaty taste. Add to this good quality cheese and, whilst they don't have bacon, they do have sliced dry beef that is grilled and just as good.

Highly recommended.”
- Chris

“The best burger I ever ate! Gorgeous gourmet options & great salads too.”
- Dee